Students who used SPLENDID said:

"I think it is a very good, interesting and cool thing. Also it was fun to participate in it"

Project Aims

consortium members gathered in Thessaloniki for a first meeting regarding SPLENDID

SPLENDID´s overall aim

The aim of SPLENDID is to provide personalised services guiding adolescents and young adults to healthy eating and activity behaviours, preventing the onset of obesity and eating disorders. This requires an interactive system that accurately tracks eating and physical activity behaviour, and provides goal oriented feedback to the user. It will also require a system that does not prevent the user from partaking in any activities related to regular life. The success of the project also depends on its implementation in the community, which is regarded an equally important objective.

“The goal is to modify eating and activity behaviour of individuals in a personalised way,” – Ioannis Ioakimidis

SPLENDID´s specific aims

Development and integration of the technological tools for the non-invasive measuring of eating and physical activity behaviour in real life conditions.

Development of specialised algorithms aiming at assessing the risk of developing obesity or an eating disorder, based on objective measurements of the eating and physical activity behaviours of a user.

Development of a platform for integration of the system with existing health professional practices.

A user friendly system to provide real-time feedback towards personalised pre-set goals, aiming to the normalisation of the users’ eating and activity behaviour.