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SPLENDID for Adults

SPLENDID for Adults is one of the two proposed future uses of the SPLENDID platform, which will be used as part of a consumer lifestyle management service offered by healthcare providers. In this setting, SPLENDID will be used for the eating and physical activity behavioural monitoring and personalised guidance of overweight young adults (ages 18 to 30, both genders) who are conscious about their weight and health. The system will prevent additional weight-gain, hindering the progression of obesity and avoiding the onset of serious comorbid conditions, like type-2 diabetes.

The intended use of SPLENDID for Adults will be divided into two phases:

1. Behavioural assessment

This phase will last for one week, during which detailed information on eating and physical activity behaviour of the adults are collected. Data from major meals (e.g., lunch and dinner) will be collected using the Mandometer® and additional eating data for the rest of the day will be collected with the chewing sensor. Similarly, the accelerometer will be used to collect physical activity data across the day.

Based on these data, specialised algorithms will assess the risk for each user of developinging obesity. Additionally, behavioural goals for normalising eating and physical activity behaviour will be proposed to the supervising health professional.

Adults identified as being at risk will be encouraged to participate in the personalised guidance phase.

2. Personalised guidance

This phase focuses on promoting good eating and activity behaviours. Through real-time feedback from the Mandometer®, accelerometer and chewing sensor the adult will receive behavioural reminders to guide him/her towards the pre-decided, personalised goals. This phase lasts for at least three weeks.

Intended use

In the future, it is projected that SPLENDID for Adults will be offered as a consumer product paired with a lifestyle management service by healthcare providers. Potential audience for this platform will be end users themselves, as well as healthcare professionals planning to offer the SPLENDID services to their patients.

Wageningen University is responsible for both the design and the execution of the user scenario SPLENDID for Adults.