Students who used SPLENDID said:

"I think it is a very good, interesting and cool thing. Also it was fun to participate in it"


SPLENDID @ School is one of the two proposed future uses of the SPLENDID platform, which will be used in a combined screening and prevention programme at schools. In this setting, SPLENDID will be used to evaluate, monitor and correct the eating and activity patterns in students (ages 10 to 17, both genders) who are at risk of developing an eating disorder or becoming obese.

SPLENDID @ School will be divided into three phases:

1. Primary screening

In this phase the Mandometer® will be used in a school environment (e.g., cafeteria meals) to screen a large number of students across two repeated meals. The recorded eating behaviour is evaluated using specialised algorithms and students with eating behaviours pointing towards the development of either obesity or eating disorder are identified. These students are encouraged to participate in the secondary screening phase.

2. Secondary screening

This phase will last for one week, during which detailed information on eating and physical activity behaviour of the student are collected. Eating data across the day will be collected using the Mandometer® and the chewing sensor. Simultaneously, the accelerometer will be used to collect physical activity data across the day.

Based on these data, specialised algorithms will assess the students risk of developing either obesity or an eating disorder. Subsequently, eating and physical activity goals for normalising the students’ behaviour will be proposed to the supervising health professional.

Students at risk will be encouraged to participate in the final phase.

“”A medical expert will assign goals, such as to eat more slowly or adopt more activity and the sensors will monitor whether the individual succeeds,” – Anastasios Delopoulos

3. Personalised guidance

This phase focuses on promoting correct eating and physical activity behaviours. Through real-time feedback from the Mandometer®, the accelerometer and chewing sensor the student will receive behavioural reminders to guide him/her towards the set up goals. This phase lasts for at least three weeks.

Intended use

In the future the SPLENDID @ School service can be provided as a lifestyle screening and management method added to the regular health screenings done in schools by health professionals. Potential target group for this service can be local governmental educational agencies, private schools or other health providers affiliated with educational partners.