Students who used SPLENDID said:

"I think it is a very good, interesting and cool thing. Also it was fun to participate in it"

Information Videos

Informational video presenting the research efforts at school throughout the whole SPLENDID project, published along with an article in Euronews, 17 June 2016, Technology trialled in fight against ticking timebomb of obesity.

Video published with an article in Euronews, 17 June 2016, Takeaway: the obesity time bomb. A shorter description of the SPLENDID project, with text for the hearing impaired.

Video showing the preparatory work for the second school study. On the left you can see students being greeted, receiving personal codes, taking cutlery, plates and food. On the right you can see students being seated and their personal code being coupled with the Mandometer device.
Video showing students eating during the second school study. The aim of this study was to collect baseline data of students ages 16-18.